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Thank you for your interest in this event! We have worked hard to put together these activities in an interactive, immersive, and meaningful way. The goals of this event are as follows:


  1. That you will develop a better insight into the holistic college admissions process.

  2. That you will understand how you can enhance your personal story and application.

  3. That you will understand just some of the factors you can bring out to highlight your own strengths

  4. That you will have a useable draft of your essays that you can continue to develop as you proceed with your applications.


In order for you to gain the most out of this event, we encourage you to immerse yourself in every single activity.

  • Socialize with your peers. Challenge yourself to meet new friends.

  • Ask any and all questions of your representatives. The special guests we have participating at this event are here because they want to help you do your best! During the remainder of the year, they are extremely busy and may not have the time to answer questions you may have for them.

  • Keep an open mind. You will be hearing things you may not have heard before, and we encourage you to consider these new insights and opinions.

  • Be open to sharing. This will be an intense process, which will only be heightened by your willingness to open up to those around you.

  • Do your homework! We structured this event so that you can do some homework in between the days. Without utilizing your time off to do the work, you won’t be able to meet the above goals.


This is only the sixth year that we’ve hosted the event and we hope that we are able to continue to grow and improve this event. If you have any suggestions or requests, please let one of us know. If you have any recommendations on how we can improve this event, we will happily listen. Furthermore, if you feel as though this event has been a valuable resource, please tell your friends or post a review online. It is only through your positive word of mouth that we will be able to continue hosting events like this.


Please note that all the information you learn from this event are general guidelines. What you learn from the representatives today are opinions and are not necessarily representative of all colleges that you may be considering. Each institution has variations as to how they approach the process; to find out more information about a specific school, you should always call the admissions office to find out exact information.

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