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How We Can Help

We get it - school can be tough. And with class sizes what they are today, teachers often just don’t have time to give each student the one-on-one attention they need. Here’s where the experts at ThinquePrep come in.


Whether you’d like consistent help strengthening your writing skills for AP Literature or just want to drop in twice a month to review before geometry tests, our amazing tutors are here to give you the extra boost you need to succeed. 

Because we know that every student has their own unique needs and preferences, ThinquePrep offers a ton of flexible private tutoring options. Seriously - take your pick!

  • Learn one-on-one OR bring a friend for shared sessions and savings

  • Meet with one of our experts in-person at our Lake Forest office OR online via Zoom

  • Review tests and homework from school OR work on personalized curriculum created by your tutor

  • Enjoy hourly meetings on-demand OR craft a custom package for continuous help

  • Text/call us to schedule meetings OR access our easy-to-use online scheduling portal 24/7

  • Pay session-by-session OR set-and-forget a monthly tutoring subscription

Get Individualized Help With...

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Algebra 1

Algebra 2


College Algebra


Math Analysis

IB Math SL

IB Math HL

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC

AP Statistics

Differential Equations

Multivariable Calculus

Linear Algebra

AP Biology

AP Chemistry 

Organic Chemistry 

Conceptual Physics

AP Physics

AP Environmental Science







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Educational Planning 

Financial Aid

"Best Fit" College List

Personal Statements

Interview Coaching

Aptitude Assessment

College Visits

Scholarship Planning

AP English Language

AP English Literature

Creative Writing

Essay Writing

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World History 

AP World History 

US History 

AP US History 


AP Government


AP Economics

AP Pyschology

From Our Families

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