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Private College Counseling

In a world with plummeting acceptance rates, admissions scandals, and peak tuitions - we're here to lead the way. . .

Learn  more about our unique College Counseling approach:  

Thinque Prep's Class of 2024
Admissions Decisions

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Since 2013, we have helped students get in to their dream schools.


Services Offered

Eastbourne College England

College Identification

We use our years of experience and network of professionals to hone in on colleges that are truly a great fit academically, socially, and financially (includes aptitude assessment)



Have questions about summer programs or course selection?  Not sure if you're on track?  Just need expert guidance to finalize your application?  Schedule a one-time meeting. 

Image by Vasily Koloda

UC / CSU Admissions

If you are certain that the largest school system in the nation is right for you, let us help you with the application process!  We will cover the `14-point holistic approach to admissions utilized by the UC system. 

Filming a Video

Personality & Aptitude Test 

Discover what career options are best for you.  Includes a follow up meeting to discuss how the exam results may affect your college decision.  

College Students in Corridor

College Admissions Workshop 

Learn what it's like to be a real college admissions officer! Read through real apps and decide who to admit to your own university.  Network with real admissions epresentatives and start crafting your own personal statements.

Image by Chris Montgomery

Networking + Research 

Have our experts work on your case outside of meeting hours.  We will connect you with the right people and programs to help you stand out.

Image by Lauren Mancke

Essay              Package 

Work with an admissions expert to perfect all your application essays (up to 10 schools).  Professional editing is included to help your essays shine.  *includes annual College Admissions Workshop*

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Merit Aid

Not all colleges are created equal when it comes to financial aid.  Position yourself to approach the college selection from a fiscally prudent perspective. Helping your student through the scholarship essay writing process. 

Parents & Students

Thinque Prep offers the straightforward resources that parents need to stay in the communication loop and feel confident their student is on track



We believe that students should start meeting with our head counselor as early as possible. That is why we don't discriminate on our package offers. Our services cost the same regardless of if you start in 9th grade or summer before 12th.


Our college counseling app tracker moves each student through the busy application process methodically.
Nothing falls through the cracks, parents can see progress and our counseling team can focus on the intangibles 
that creates a solid college application.


Proposed College List

Proposed College list.png

There is preparation and there is the proposed college list.  We provide families with a proprietary college information database for professional college counselors. Beyond lists of college information, there are probability and candidate shaping tools. This enhances the admissions planning process. Today's college counseling requires modern tools.

Emailed Progress Summaries

Emailed Progress Summaries.png

Parents receive assignments & progress summaries directly to their inbox on regular intervals. Allowing the parent to step back, let the student lead and the counselor guide.  

Application Tracker

Application Tracker.png

Our App Tracker moves each student through the busy application process methodically. Nothing falls through the cracks, parents can see progress and counselors can focus on the intangibles that creates a solid college application.

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