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Transform Your Grades: High School Tutoring Solutions for Academic Excellence

Personalized mentorship of students

About ThinquePrep



With offices located in beautiful Orange County, ThinquePrep specializes in the personalized mentorship of students and their families through every step of their educational journey, from elementary school to graduate school. 

Our highly experienced teachers provide personalized 1-on-1 instruction that celebrates and supports each student's unique learning style. For post K-12 planning, our unparalleled College Admissions Experts are intimately familiar with navigating the competitive admissions landscape. We're here to give your students the edge they deserve! 

We provide K-12 academic coaching, SAT/ACT Test Prep, College Admissions Counseling, AP Exam Prep, and Academic Enrichment Programs. Classes are available at our Lake Forest office and on Zoom. 

It's never too early to start thinking about your student's future, so schedule your complimentary consultation today!

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Have questions as to how SAT/ACT cancellations will affect your college application?  Click here to read a note from one of our counselors or here to view revised college policies.


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We're proud to send our students to some of the Nation's brightest institutions. Here's a Few..


in Demand

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Private Tutoring

As public and private schools increase class sizes and teacher work loads, it can be difficult for students to receive the individualized attention that they need. Our full-time specialty tutors are here to ensure that every student can succeed. Call/text us to meet your perfect tutor!

(All Subjects K-12)

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College Counseling

Our accredited college counselors come ready with network connections, admissions experience, and application training to ensure your student's future goes as planned. 

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SAT/ACT Test Prep

During a time of changing college admissions standards, a strong SAT/ACT score remains the perfect way to stand out in an increasingly competitive admissions field. Designed by a 10-time perfect score recipient, Thinque Prep's SAT/ACT curriculum is second to none!

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Fill out an info form or simply call, text, or email us to let us know what you'd like help with.


We reach out ASAP to schedule a free 30-minute consultation or diagnostic test.


We talk more about your goals. If you take a diagnostic test, we provide you with a detailed score report.


If you decide we're the perfect fit, we pair you with one of our experts best suited for your unique needs.


We start the learning journey together!

From Our Students...


Blake B. (Student)

I can’t thank Thinque Prep enough for his help throughout the graduate school admissions process. At the start I wasn’t sure how to best separate myself from the other applicants and clearly convey my career achievements to the admissions committee. J. was great at being able to steer me in the right direction to write a couple great application essays...

Lisa B. (Parent)

The staff at Thinque Prep have played an integral part in my sons academic journey. Staring with a comprehensive SAT/ACT prep course the summer before Junior year, this program raised my sons scores substantially, and helped cultivate more focused study habits, inspired confidence, and prepared my son for a rigorous Junior year filled with AP classes...

Joey H. (Student)

Thinque Prep has been a life changer. J. and his team really pay attention to all the details. J. was able to teach in a way that was specific to my learning and relate to me in a way I understood using real life examples. He's one of the hardest working tutors I've ever met and held me accountable so I could reach my academic goals...

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