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Whether you're looking to master the ACT, SAT, college applications, or even your general academic schedule - we're here to help. Please submit the consultation inquire form below and our scheduling team will be in contact within 24 hours. 

As of August 2023, our College Counseling roster for 2024 Grads is FULL

We are only offering Essay Support packages with our writing specialists or hourly counseling appointments with Joyee for High School seniors at this time. 

If you are interested in Essay Support ONLY, please indicate this on the below form. 

If you really need input on other major aspects of Counseling, such as scholarships, financial aid, college lists, and major selection, Thinque Prep's director Joyee will be offering paid 30 min. and 60 min. consultations via Calendly ($100-$250). Families are welcome to schedule one-on-one appointments as needed.

*Please note that we are still accepting class of 2029-2025 students for Counseling at this time. The above does not apply to anyone in the class of 2029-2025 for any service. Thank you!





Any questions?
Call/Text us at (949) 563 1009.

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