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Our Team

Are you tired of working with big chain tutoring companies? Do you ever feel frustrated that your child is matched with an endless supply of inexperienced college student tutors? 

At Thinque Prep, our tutoring team consists of just seven (yes, seven!) tutors who not only have over 90 years of combined experience in education, but also work as full-time educators. 

We are proud to exclusively employ professional educators who have advanced degrees in their respective fields - read their bios below and you will see! Several of them have masters degrees and one even has a PhD. 

Even our admin dream team have worked in the K-12, California Community College, and Cal-State systems. 

At Thinque Prep, education is not just a job. It is our life!



Head Counselor + Test Prep Expert

Former application reader:

Claremont McKenna College

University of California

Perfect Score Tutor: 

SAT: 1600 & ACT: 36


B.A Communications, Northwestern University

Hello, students and parents!

I'm a test preparation expert and personal guide for students in high school pushing hard to achieve their goals - and setting them up for success in their next stage in life. As a college counselor, test-prep guru, and educational cheerleader, I don't just dole out sagely wisdom and send students home to study; I  talk them through the task, whatever it is.



Academic Coach + Test Prep Expert 

AP Physics Teacher for 13 years

 AP Chemistry Teacher for 15 years

Adjunct Professor at UW-Oshkosh for 5 years

Hello! I have spent almost my entire life in education. After I got my PhD in Physical Chemistry, I spent the past 25 years, as a high school science instructor focused primarily on teaching chemistry and physics.  I have experience teaching from introductory to AP levels.  I also coached Academic Decathlon for ten years. At Thinque, I help students master the sciences at every level. I also teach the ins and outs of SAT and ACT math. I am the first in my family to go to college,  and I want to help others reach their goals.



Academic Coach + Test Prep + Essay Expert

College Writing Professor for 6+ Years

Professional Tutor for 7+ Years

B.A and M.A in English, Cal State Fullerton

Hello there! My name is Sam. I’m an English professor, a multi-subject tutor, and an essay coach here at Thinque Prep! I’m passionate about helping students gain confidence in their academic journey, whether they’re converting fractions or writing a college admissions essay! I tutor students of all ages, and my specialty is the Humanities. I am a huge Star Wars fan and a general Sci-Fi geek. When I’m not at ThinquePrep, I can be found catching up on Netflix or reading a good book with my two cats.  



Academic Coach + Test Prep Expert

Academic Instructor for 10+ Years

Test Prep Tutor for 10+ Years

B.A. Econ & Theatre, Northwestern University

Hello! After 10+ years of teaching at various test preparation companies, I'm grateful to have found my home at Thinque. I teach students what they need to be truly familiar with the SAT and ACT, without the extra unhelpful fluff that other companies provide. I also teach math; I love to see the 'lightbulb' moment when that concept that's been bugging students for weeks finally 'clicks.' I don't really like long walks on the beach, but invite me to Panda Express and I'll be there!



Academic Coach + Test Prep Expert

Private STEM Tutor for 5+ Years

Test Prep Tutor for 5+ Years

B.S Physics, UC Irvine

Hi! I'm Max, Thinque Prep's resident Calculus whiz! If something involves math, I could spend hours geeking out about it. I tutor every stage of math, from basic arithmetic to multivariable calculus. As someone who's tutored in a variety of settings -- after school programs, the UC system, and SAT/ACT courses -- I am familiar with how difficult math can be for students. My priority is making math easy (and maybe even fun!) for all students. I enjoy anime and critiquing the physics of sci-fi movies.



Academic Coach + Test Prep Expert

College Writing Professor for 7+ Years

Test Prep Tutor for 7+ Years

B.A. and M.A English, Cal State Long Beach

Hi, Internet people! My name is Nina. I'm a college English professor and one of the original test prep instructors and essay coaches here at Thinque Prep. I enjoy medieval history, long hikes in the woods, and catching up on The Bachelor with my cat, Betsy. A longtime tutor in a variety of subjects, I'm passionate about helping students of all ages meet and exceed their academic goals (even if it requires doing coordinate geometry every now and again).



Academic Coach + Test Prep Expert

College STEM Professor for 8+ Years

Test Prep Tutor for 8+ Years

M.S. Biomedical Engineering, UCLA

Hello! I'm Michael! My educational background and research primarily involves applying chemistry and engineering principles to solving problems in medical technologies. Before I began working for Thinque Prep, I worked in the biomedical industry. Today, I work closely with students seeking help with math, science, and SAT/ACT prep. I've become extremely passionate about teaching, so I have made it my full-time job. When I'm not helping students on Zoom, I enjoy watching movies and spending time with friends.

*Michael is only available for ONLINE tutoring



Lead Administrator + Office Manager

College Writing Professor for 8+ Years

Administrative Assistant for 5+ Years

B.A and M.A English, Cal State Fullerton

Hello, friends! I'm Catherine, and I'm the lead administrator and office manager here at Thinque Prep. As a former writing tutor and current adjunct professor, I'm familiar with the challenges of today's higher-Ed climate. Whether you need help with ACTs, SATs, APs, GREs, or something else, I'm here to listen, support, and connect you with our experts. If you give us a call, I'll probably be the one on the other end! When I'm not at Thinque, I love painting and listening to opera and film scores. I'm saving up money for my cats, Nugget & Noodles, to go to college.




Administrator + Digital Content Producer

English-Spanish Translation for 10+ Years

Substitute Teacher for 3+ Years

MFA Filmmaking, Florida State University

Hi party people! I'm André. I'm here to support every student and family that walks through our doors. My duties include scheduling appointments, proctoring practice ACTs and SATs, and assisting Thinque's teaching staff. I came to Thinque with a background in education; I substitute taught, tutored, and provided instructional aid at the K-12 level. I also have a background in film, so I can also be found making videos for our YouTube channel! I am originally from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and I love watching movies, writing music, and any artistic endeavors.

Kind Words from Our Parents and Students

We used ThinquePrep for both admissions and test preparation. This year was a difficult year with the pandemic but Michael and Nina were both there to guide our daughter to a great test score. She improved 150 points and will be using her improved score for her college applications.

—  Terry O., Parent

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