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Our Tutors

Some tutoring agencies contract with hundreds of mysterious tutors far and wide. They promise their tutors are “the best,” but you don’t even know their names! ThinquePrep is different.


ThinquePrep has a small team of three (that’s right - just three!) experts. That means we can guarantee your student will be meeting with one of the awesome tutors on this page, EVERY time!

And our experts aren’t random college students with a side hustle - they’re professional educators who have dedicated their lives to helping students succeed. Even better? They're also just cool, friendly humans. Scroll down to learn more about the experts behind ThinquePrep.


J. Lin 

Head Counselor + Test Prep Expert

Former application reader for

Claremont McKenna College

Perfect Score Tutor: 

1600 SAT : 36 ACT : 800 SAT Math 2 : 800 SAT Literature : 800 SAT Spanish


Hello, students and parents!

I'm a test preparation expert and personal guide for students in high school pushing hard to achieve their goals - and setting them up for success in their next stage in life. As a college counselor, test-prep guru, and educational cheerleader, I don't just dole out sagely wisdom and send students home to study; I sit with them, open the book, and talk them through the task, whatever it is.


Nina Calabretta

Academic Coach + Test Prep Expert

Test Prep instructor for 6+ Years

Double B.A in English Literature & Creative Writing 

M.A English

College English Instructor

Hi, Internet people! My name is Nina. I'm a professor of English and a test prep instructor and essay coach here at ThinquePrep. I enjoy medieval history, long hikes in the woods, and catching up on The Bachelor with my cat, Betsy. A longtime tutor in a variety of subjects, I'm passionate about helping students of all ages meet and exceed their academic goals (even if it requires doing coordinate geometry every now and again).


Michael Funaro

Academic Coach + Test Prep Expert

Test Prep Instructor for 6+ Years

B.S. Bioengineering

M.S. Biomedical Engineering

Hello! My educational background and research primarily involves applying chemistry and engineering principles to solving problems in medical technologies. Today, I work closely with students seeking help with math, science, and SAT/ACT prep. I've become extremely passionate about teaching and have transitioned from the biotechnology industry into teaching and extracurricular course development.

Kind Words from Our Parents and Students

We used ThinquePrep for both admissions and test preparation. This year was a difficult year with the pandemic but Michael and Nina were both there to guide our daughter to a great test score. She improved 150 points and will be using her improved score for her college applications.

—  Terry O., Parent