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Why It’s Important to Do Full-Length SAT/ACT Practice Exams

Every Saturday and Sunday, Thinque Prep offers full-length SAT and ACT practice exams. These tests are proctored according to the real timing of the SAT and ACT exams, and 6-12 of them are included as part of our SAT and ACT private tutoring packages. We know that taking a full-length practice test typically isn’t the first thing our students want to do during the weekend, but our experts know that taking full-length SAT and ACT practice exams is an essential part of preparing for these important college admissions tests.

First, the fact is that both the SAT and ACT are long tests. Each is roughly 3 hours long, and is completed in just one test period. Think about the longest exam you’ve taken in class; it was probably 90 minutes long, maximum. That’s hardly half the length of the SAT or ACT!

A test of this length takes stamina - the kind of stamina you can’t develop through taking normal, shorter tests at school. It’s common for students to feel burnt out and lose focus as early as 1 or 2 hours into the exam, and even private SAT and ACT tutoring can’t help with that issue on its own.

The only way to build the endurance you need to stay focused and accurate during the real exam is to take multiple full-length practice tests on a regular basis. Again, this is something Thinque Prep offers as part of each of our SAT and ACT private tutoring packages, because we know that successful prep is the combination of private SAT and ACT tutoring and consistent practice testing.

Another reason why taking full-length practice SAT and ACT tests is essential is because each section must be completed in a very limited amount of time. The ACT Reading section is particularly challenging in regards to timing, though the SAT and ACT tutors at Thinque Prep have worked with students who struggle with the timing of other sections as well.

Even if a student has received so much private SAT and ACT tutoring and has taken so many SAT and ACT prep courses that they’ve become an expert on the content of the test, if it takes them 2 hours to complete a Math section that has to be completed in 1 hour, they won’t achieve a high score. Taking the full test with proctoring that replicates the exam’s real timing is the only way to really get used to time constraints. A professional SAT and ACT tutor can work with you to develop effective management strategies so that each practice test you take is more successful than the last.

If you’re interested in in-person SAT and ACT prep courses and private tutoring, the students Thinque Prep works with in their Lake Forest office tend to be from local areas like Aliso Viejo, Irvine, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, and Trabuco Hills. However, if you’re located in another area of Orange County (or even out of state!), we’re happy to work with you virtually via Zoom as well - whatever’s most convenient for you! Give us a call, email, or text today to learn more about how the private SAT and ACT tutoring Thinque Prep has to offer can propel you to college success.

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