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Frequently Asked Questions...

  • What makes Thinque Prep different?
    While most institutions only focus on building one or two specific skills, Thinque Prep is here to meet students wherever they are. Our academic instructors teach everything from kindergarten grammar and math to college level courses. Of course, our expertise isn't limited to just K-12 courses; we also provide unparalleled test preparation and college counseling services. Here at Thinque Prep, we don't just teach subjects; we teach lifelong skills for success. Informed by metacognitive pedagogy, our instructors and counselors equip students with the mindset to thrive in the classroom and beyond.
  • What makes Thinque Prep's academic instructors different?
    Most tutoring companies will hire college students with very little (if any) teaching experience. At Thinque, our instructors each have a minimum of 6+ years teaching experience in high school and/or college classrooms, along with Masters degrees in their respective fields. We believe that our students deserve the very best, which is why all of our instructors are trained in the most-effective, evidence-based teaching practices. Get to know them here!
  • Do you work with students who have learning differences?
    Absolutely! At Thinque, we work with students of all backgrounds; we believe that everybody is entitled to a quality education. We're proud to have helped countless students with learning differences achieve their goals! Thinque Prep has over a decade of experience helping students with learning differences thrive at every step of their education, from that first week with an IEP or 504, to the college acceptance letter and beyond.
  • What makes Thinque Prep's College Counseling services different?
    Our college counselor, J. Lin, is a true master in his field. Having worked in admissions for over 10 years at some of the most competitive universities, our master counselor intimately knows what top college are looking for in their prospective students. J. Lin's college admissions expertise is backed by the latest research, data, and admission trends.
  • How can an independent College Counselor help me decide which colleges I should apply to?
    Most families only hear about the same 20 schools over and over again. While these schools are great institutions, they enroll less than a fraction of 1% of the college students around the country. Furthermore, they may not be the best fit for every student. Many successful individuals have attended universities you may not have ever heard of. There are thousands of colleges around the world, some with spectacular specialized programs that you may not know about. An IEC will listen to your goals – academic, financial, social, etc. – and help you make a solid plan so that you can meet those goals.
  • Will you help me get into my college of choice?
    At ThinquePrep, we do our best to help you find the colleges that best suit your needs. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee admission into any school. You should always be wary of companies that promise admittance into the school of your choice. No legitimate company can possibly guarantee admission.
  • What makes Thinque Prep's SAT/ACT test prep services different?
    Our unique curriculum helps students understand both the content and the hidden logic of the SAT/ACT, thus empowering them to raise their score. Our data driven method objectively measures learning progress, giving students a tangible picture of how they are improving. Unlike other test preparation services that use third-party materials, we prepare students with actual tests directly from CollegeBoard and ACT inc. If a student commits to completing the program we set out for them, we expect their ACT score to improve by 4-6 points and their SAT by 150-200 points.
  • Many schools are test-blind or test-optional now. Should I still take the SAT/ACT?
    Short answer: It depends. Long answer: If you're only applying to Cal States, you probably won't need to worry about the SAT and/or ACT. If you're only applying to test-blind schools, you probably won't need to take the SAT/ACT. However, if you're applying to a test optional school, it is definitely still worth taking the SAT/ACT. College admissions are increasingly competitive; in a field of highly qualified college applicants, a strong SAT/ACT score is often the factor that gives a student 'the edge' over their otherwise equally qualified peers. Even if you're applying to CSUs and/or test-blind schools, the SAT/ACT is still worth considering: these tests are a key determinant of merit aid awards.
  • Which test should I take - SAT or ACT?
    This is a very hard question to answer without properly knowing a student's strengths and weaknesses. ​ The best way to figure out which test is best would be to take both diagnostic exams. This will allow us to compare scores and discuss key differences. ​ To schedule your complimentary diagnostic exam, please click here.
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