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Nina Calabretta

Test Prep/English & History Tutor & Writing Coach

Learn more about ThinquePrep's go-to gal for all things humanities.


Teaching Philosophy

Because Nina works with both adult college students and younger learners, she is a very flexible educator and takes pleasure in figuring out how each student learns best and altering her teaching style accordingly. At the heart of her teaching is a genuine desire to see people of all walks of life meet their educational goals. Nina has found her niche in contributing her own hard work and expertise to students’ personal and professional journeys and serving as a compassionate, knowledgeable, and trustworthy helper along the way. 

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Services Offered

  • General SAT/ACT test prep

  • College Admissions Essay Coaching

  • Scholarship/Competition Essay Coaching

  • Tutoring in the following subjects:

    • AP Language & Composition

    • AP Literature

    • AP US History

    • AP World History

    • AP Government & Politics

    • K-12 Reading & Writing

Fun Facts

  • Began formally offering tutoring services to students in her community at 16 years old

  • Had a job in college working as a ride operator at Disney’s California Adventure

  • Loves to hike and has explored 9 National Parks (so far!)

Testing History

  • Took the SAT during her junior year of high school and scored in the 96th percentile without any preparation (Though she now understands how much test prep can help!)

  • Earned 5s (the highest score possible) on each of her AP exams

Academic Achievements

  • Graduated with a double major in English Literature and Creative Writing in 3.5 years 

  • Earned a 4.0 cumulative GPA in graduate school for her Master of Arts degree in English

Professional Accomplishments

  • In her undergraduate years,  she worked as an editor for a local arts and culture publication and helped select which pieces made it into the campus literary journal

  • During grad school, she served as a Managing Editor for the English department’s scholarly journal

  • Presented on the intersections of rhetoric used in Civil War-era slave narratives and propaganda for 19th-century white settlers of the American West at a literary criticism conference

  • Now teaches freshman-level composition at two local community colleges

  • Here at ThinquePrep, she is not only a tutor but also writes the company’s blog posts, helps produce their YouTube content, and designs curriculum for their SAT/ACT and AP exam prep classes

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