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Exclusive Summer Test Prep Program

Developing the proper foundations to approach the SAT and ACT tests

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Thinque Prep proudly hosts its annual summer test preparation workshop. While other (shorter) classes only focus on "test hacks," we take the time to really delve into the foundations of reading, writing, grammar, and mathematics so that students can develop the skills to succeed on both the SAT and ACT. We cap our class sizes at 8 students so that students are to receive individual assistance as well. This class is co-taught by Joyee Lin, perfect score recipient on the ACT and SAT and Michael Funaro, math and science whiz.

Benefits of Joining Our Small Group Class


50+ hours of instruction and review

Covers Content for both the SAT and ACT

8 official, full-length practice exams

Admission to our annual College Admissions Workshop

Live Instruction

Scheduled Dates
July 6 - August 3, August 12

Session 1 (In-Person)
Mon/Wed/Fri: 10
:00am - 12:50pm
Session 2 (via Zoom)
Mon/Wed/Fri: 10:00am - 12:50pm
Practice Exams
Sat/Sun: 10:00am-1:15pm

Location: Thinque Prep Office
August 15, 17, 19

Sessions 1 & 2 (Combined)
Mon/Wed/Fri: 4:00pm-6:50pm
Practice Exams
Sat/Sun: 10:00am-1:15pm

Location: Thinque Prep Office
August 4, 8, 10

Exclusive College Admissions
(in-person only)


Location: Soka University of America

*Times are all in Pacific Time

* In an effort to continue serving families with travel restrictions as well as public health concerns, this course will be offered both online and in-person.  Both classes will be following the same curriculum.

Meet The Teachers

Practice Exams

Scheduled Dates

Saturday or Sunday: 10AM-1:30PM Pacific Time
If you plan to test online, click below for the Zoom link!


ACT Diagnostic Test
SAT Diagnostic Test 

July 10 SAT 

July 17 ACT 

July 24 SAT 

July 31 ACT

August 7 ACT

August 14 SAT

August 21 SAT

Sept. 4 ACT



  • Students are expected to complete an average of 3-4 hours per week of assignments on their own outside of class.

  • Because class size will be capped, students are expected to be active participants in the classroom setting.

  • Make-up lessons will not be allowed. If students wish to have a make-up lesson, families will be asked to purchase one of the additional private tutoring hours. We have provided the final 4 evening classes as review sessions so that students will be able to review any material missed.

Call or text (949) 563-1009                            

** The SAT®, ACT, and Advanced Placement® courses are independent trademarks not affiliated with ThinquePrep.

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