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Why Summer is the Best Time to Prep for the SAT and ACT

Thinque Prep’s team of expert tutors and college counselors LOVES summer. Of course, we all live in Orange County, so how could we not? With sun, surf, and some of the nation’s best amusement parks and attractions, Southern California may as well be the summer capital of the world.

Of course, we love summer for all these things, but it’s also Thinque Prep’s favorite season because it’s the time we get to focus on one of the things we do best: SAT and ACT test prep.

We know, we know…prepping for the SAT and/or ACT typically isn’t the average high schooler’s idea of a “fun summer activity” (especially here in Orange County, where there’s so much to do). However, there are a few reasons why summer is actually the best time to prep for these important tests. By the end of the article, we should have even you convinced!

Reason #1: During the summer, you’re WAY less busy.

This first reason is pretty obvious. The school year brings so many responsibilities - from challenging classes to extracurriculars like sports and the performing arts, high school students are just slammed! It’s hard enough to juggle these responsibilities. Adding on a rigorous SAT/ACT prep schedule is just one more thing to squeeze in.

Of course, Thinque Prep has tons of high-achieving students who make private tutoring for SAT/ACT prep work during the school year. However, if you have the option to complete your prep over the summer when you don’t have to worry about other commitments, you should definitely take it!

Reason #2: Summer is the perfect time for group SAT/ACT prep courses.

During the school year, Thinque Prep focuses on private SAT and ACT tutoring. “Private tutoring” means that students meet with tutors one-on-one. We meet with students local to Orange County in our Lake Forest office, and we also tutor students across the nation online via Zoom. This kind of individual prep works best during the school year because students’ schedules are so different and it’s really challenging to find times that work for big groups.

In the summer, it’s a totally different story! With most students’ schedules wide open, Thinque Prep is able to hold group SAT and ACT prep courses, both in-person and online. For students who feel more motivated in a group environment (or who just like to learn together with their friends!), SAT and ACT prep classes taken over the summer are the perfect way to get ready for the tests.

Reason #3: You can just get the test over with before the school year starts!

Thinque Prep always times its group SAT and ACT prep courses so they conclude just before exam dates in August and early September. It’s a super efficient way to prep for these tests! You can simply sign up for a group prep course or a private tutoring package (or both, if you want!), knock out your prep in 2-3 months, then take the exam(s) of your choice at the end of the prep period. All this before school is back in session!

Ever just hung out all summer feeling like you’re wasting your time? Not this year! Get one of the most important parts of college preparation all taken care of by completing your SAT and ACT prep over the summer with Thinque Prep. Turn a commitment of just a few hours per week into test scores that will impress the colleges of your choice. Inquire about this year’s opportunities for summer test prep today!

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