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Mastering the Orange County Common App Essay: Expert Guidance

Every year, more than a million high school students apply for admission into colleges through the Common Application. With the online common application system, a student submits one application to multiple institutions. This makes things easy and convenient as you have to fill out everything in the form only once, which also includes your personal statement.

The Orange County Common App Essay allows colleges to learn more about the student as a person and their importance and interests. So, students are encouraged to use this space to tell their stories and develop their personalities.

At Thinque Prep, we help students with the right counselling to help them with college identification. We also conduct personality tests and admission workshops to lead them in the right career path. 

Here, Here, we explain the Common App essay requirements before diving into admissions experts' most important tips for writing a memorable personal essay.

Orange County Common App Essay

Overview of Common App Essay

The Common App essay is considered the primary writing sample in the Common Application. The application is widely accepted by over 900 schools. All the prospective schools you have applied to will accept the Common App. The admission counsellors will read this essay to learn about your personality, background, nature, character, and values as a student. Keep in mind that the Common App essay is the major personal statement that has to be submitted to colleges that accept the Common App.

Since this Orange County Common App Essay will be read by several schools and colleges, avoid specifically mentioning any school or college name or programs. Prefer to give personalized answers in your Common Application.

Expert Tips to Master the Common App Essay

Follow the expert tips below to master your Orange County Common App Essay;

Pick the Suitable Essay Prompt

You have to choose a prompt that showcases your interests and reflects your personality while writing your Common App essay. Make sure the prompt you create connects to a personalized story, not a common story. So, no matter which prompts you to pick up, remember that admissions counselors and officers are often interested in knowing your ability when you demonstrate your personal development. They will look for your insights, determination, and dedication to a certain program.

Do Not Go for a Rare Topic to Sound Unique

Most students assume that for their Common App Essay, they must go for a unique and rare topic. But, it is not always effective. Also, keep in mind that overusing a topic is not a bad idea. It may seem tricky to find the right topic for your Orange County Common App Essay. So, to identify a suitable topic, ask yourself some questions. Know about your academic achievements and turning points. Ask yourself about your interests and which subject you are passionate about. The essay topic you choose must inspire and excite you. 

Use Space Wisely

Some students prefer to fill the space completely, while some prefer to keep it minimal and precise. You can go both ways with the Common App essay, but it must state your personality and interests rightly. Do not write the essay way too long, or else later, you have to struggle to trim it. Also, if you write too little, you may end up sounding generic. Orange County Common App Essay word count ranges between 250 to 650 words. So, the question will be in your mind – “How long should the statement be?” It is recommended to aim for around 500 words; prefer not to exceed it. Do not stress yourself by forcing the word count; just stick to your point. 

Fill Your Personal Story with Details 

Details of your personal story have to be filled in carefully. Keep in mind that details are everything when writing the Orange County Common App Essay. Most experts suggest anchoring the essay in a single anecdote or story. Focus on making a great start. We also advise you to break down the topic into several smaller pieces. Then, write a clear and precise paragraph in each of them. Maintain a specific structure by filling in your details, such as specific life moments. The detail you mention in your story will make you stand out. 

Use an Authentic Voice

Strictly remember that the Common App essay is not like the essays you have written in your school. Rather than explaining anything about the historical event or literature, showcase your personality and identity. You need to use words that sound like they have actually come from you. The most common mistake is students writing it as an academic essay and using big words to impress that sounds formal. You also have to avoid using any derogatory, inappropriate, or offensive language while writing your story. 

Final Thoughts

Are you ready now to frame and create your Orange County Common App Essay? Keep the above expert tips in mind and use them accordingly. Do not try hard to sound more extraordinary. It is better to keep it simple yet unique and up to the point, describing every detail. If you want help writing your Common App Essay, get in touch with us.

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