How to Register for the SAT and ACT Tests Online

If you’re a high school student interested in applying to 4-year universities, you’ll probably want to take either the SAT or ACT college admissions tests. You may even want to take both! Most students take one or both of these standardized tests sometime between the middle of junior year and the beginning of senior year so they have plenty of time to send scores to their colleges of choice.

As important as these test scores can be to the college admissions process, the organizations that administer the SAT and ACT don’t always go out of their way to reach out to high schoolers and educate them on how to sign up to take their tests. That’s where we come in! Keep reading to learn how to register for the SAT and ACT tests online.

First, let's talk about the SAT.

1. First, decide when you’d like to take the test.

The College Board offers the SAT every 1 to 2 months. Review test dates here and decide which date(s) you’d like to test. Note that I added that optional s to the end of date because you may want to plan on taking the test more than once, then choosing the highest score to send to colleges.

2. Then, decide where you’d like to test.

SAT tests are administered at schools and testing centers all over the country. Look up tes