SAT Private Tutoring In Irvine? Thinque Prep has you covered!

While preparing for the SATs, you may be contemplating self-study, or even free online resources. Though both might be excellent options, I’d like to discuss why Thinque Prep offers expert private SAT tutoring in Irvine. Here are a few reasons why private tutoring sessions are your best option!

1. You can take things at your own pace

How do people typically prepare for the SAT? The most popular options are either classroom-based learning or learning bootcamps. While both of these options have their merits, they can be unreasonably stressful and difficult. A student who preps for the SAT in a classroom setting has to compete for attention with other students who also have questions. Introverted students and thoughtful students – students who need to know ‘why’ the answers are what they are – often get left behind by this model. SAT Learning Bootcamps, on the other hand, often operate on a fast-paced “time crunch” model that can add unnecessary stress to students’ lives.

2. Personalized Education

It’s immensely difficult to find personalized education in our modern school system. Teachers at public and private schools often have to contend with large workloads, leaving many students to fall through the cracks.

Individual, one-on-one learning solves this problem. This is why Thinque Prep’s classes are 1-on-1: one student and one teacher. Furthermore, each of our tutors has over 5 years of teaching experience and a Masters degree in their respective fields! Unlike the average instructor at most tutoring companies, our teachers are intimately familiar with the subject matter that you’re struggling with.

Forget printed out worksheets or generic advice! Whether you’re weak in writing or struggling in pre-calc (or are somewhere in between), our teachers will construct a unique course of study based around whatever you need help with.