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Orange County

Independent Educational Consultants Association

Since 1976, the IECA has been nationally recognized for providing professional counseling to students and their families. We're proud to continue providing training and networking opportunities for new members 

For more information on member affiliation, contact Joyee at


Amberely Wolf

Amy Mendelson

Barbara Klein

Breanne Boyle

Cathy Falkenberger

Cheryl Yoon

Chrissy Mossberger

Cindy McCormick

Eugene Ran

Gail Nichols

Geri Frazier

Glorai Montebruno

Holly Giudice

Jacqueline Guzzetta

Jan Kerchner

Janice Royal

Jaya Anthony

Jayne Ruane

Jeana Kawamura

Jenn Curits

Jenna Clement

Jennifer Kramer

Jennifer Stahl 

Karen Holtzman 

Joyee Lin

Judy Bailey

Karen Curreri

Karen Leonard

Katie Andersen

Katie Graham

Kelli Hamilton

Kitty Schmitt

Lena Kobayashi

Linda Keil 

Mary Ann Polodian

Mary Baker

MaryMichael Neushul

Meena Kapur

Melinda Kopp

Michelle Coleman

Melissa Figge 

Mona Inamdar

Munira Ezzeldine

Patricia O’Keefe

Rachel Winston

Renee Tumbarello

Scott Barnhardt

Stephanie Foundoulis

Sue Freeman 

Weiqiang Wang

Yesim Erez



Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Location: in-person (Laguna Hills)

Wednesday, July 19, 2023


Location: in-person (TBD)

Notebook and Keyboard


(updated February 20, 2022)

The table below contains IECA members who have indicated that they are still accepting students for the class of 2023. IECA members are vetted consultants who have demonstrated a high level of ethics and professionalism when working with college-bound students. We have included as much contact information as available, as well as any areas of speciality.

There is a scroll bar at the bottom of the table so you can see more information at the right!

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