Orange County

Independent Educational Consultants Association

Since 1976, the IECA has been nationally recognized for providing professional counseling to students and their families. We're proud to continue providing training and networking opportunities for new members 

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Allison Cummings

Amberely Wolf

Amy Mendelson

Barbara Klein

Cathy Falkenberger

Cheryl Yoon

Chrissy Mossbergerr

David Stoeckel 

Elyssia Perez 

Gail Nicholz

Geri Frazier

Hollis Bischoff

Holly Giudice

Jan Kerchner

Janis Allen

Jaya Mary Anthony

Jayne Ruane

Jeana Kawamura

Jenn Curits

Jennifer Conellaj Kramer

Jennifer Stahl 

Karen Holtzman 

Joyee Lin

Kelli Hamilton

Kitty Schmitt

Lena Kobayashi

Linda Hayale

Linda Keil 

Mary Ann Poladian

Melinda Kopp

Michelle Coleman 

Mona Inamdar

Munira Ezzeldine

Nicole Gracie

Patricia O’Keefe

Rachel Winston

Shan Shumacher

Stephanie Foundoulis

Weiqiang Wang

Jacqueline Guzzeta

Katie Andersen

Meena Kapur

Sue Freeman 




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