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AP Review Class 2021

April 5 - May 2nd, 2021

Subjects Available 

About AP Exams

Though AP classes require hard work throughout the school year, it’s the official AP exams each May that determine whether or not you’ve really mastered the coursework.


All AP exams are scored on a scale of 1 to 5; while any score of 3 or over indicates that you’ve passed the test, a score of 4 or 5 shows colleges that you’re really ready for the rigors of college-level classes. 


Other than helping you stand out to colleges during the admissions process, AP test scores can also earn you college credit before you even set foot on campus. Getting those prerequisite courses out of the way can save you semesters of coursework and thousands of dollars in tuition!


Make sure you’re prepared to do your very best on the AP exams by joining ThinquePrep for their AP Review Classes in April.

ThinquePrep will be offering AP Review Classes in the subjects of:

AP Calculus

AP Physics I

AP United States History

AP Language & Composition

What's Included

Each class includes:

4 full-length practice AP tests

16 hours of small-group sessions


Our expert tutors will review practice test results and break down the strategies for success students will need on exam day.

Meet the Instructors

The AP Calculus and AP Physics I classes will be taught by Joyee Lin, a Northwestern University math graduate with over a decade of experience tutoring AP. The AP US History and AP Language & Composition classes will be taught by Nina Calabretta, a college English instructor and test prep tutor. 

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Will classes be conducted in-person or via Zoom?

Here at ThinquePrep, your family’s safety and comfort is our first concern, so we’re offering options: students can take the practice tests and attend review sessions either in-person in our Lake Forest office (where we have multiple testing rooms and require masks) or via Zoom. Whichever option you choose, the resources and guidance offered will be the same.

What if I’m taking more than one AP class offered? Can I attend more than one AP Review Class?

Of course! We scheduled classes with the understanding that students would probably want review for multiple AP subjects. That’s why we’ve put together the schedule so that any student can take all 4 AP Review Classes without any of them overlapping.


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